Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What's in my purse?

Everytime we go out i make sure that i got with me everything that i need and might need. i'm always prepared with unexpected things that may happen. that is why i always bring a medium size purse, though i want a smaller one my things would not fit in to a small one. so what are the things that's in my purse? here take a look.

here's a sneak peek!

and here are my stuff inside my fancy purse:

1) My wallet - its a must of course cuz everything that i nescessarily need is inside, a few amount of cash, my credit and debit cards, and so on and so forth cards. LOL!

2) My mobile phone - i guess everybody does bring a phone anywhere!

3) My sunglasses - it"s summer time and i need protection for my eyes.

4) A kleenex - in case i spill something, or when i sneeze or for general purposes should i say!

5) Hand lotion - cuz everytime that i need to go to CR everywhere i always wash my hands after and it makes my hand dry after washing so i need to have this with me all the time.

6) My face powder, lipstick, lip balm, lip gloss and eyeliner - of course i need them everytime i do a retouch. LOL!

7) My untangler - every girl has an untangler, comb or hairbrush in their purse.

8) A pen - i dont bring any pen before but everytime my hubby ask me if i have a pen i always don't have it and he would tell me.. " you're the only person i've known without a pen on her purse!" so now i always have one. it may be a sort of defense too.. you'll never know!

9) Mouth spray - cuz we eat somewhere often

10) A toothpick - weird? hehe! well i told you i am always ready! could also be use into something else not only to remove "tinga" on your teeth after eating.

11) A tide-to-go pen - what is that? it is an instant stain remover. cool right?! LOL!

So now you know whats inside that bulky purse that i always carry with me when i go out!

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