Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunshine State Trip

We're back from our Florida vacation, we had a blast! my hubby and i enjoyed the sun of the "sunshine state". feels like Philippines summer heat! we got to meet some of my friends. we had a nice time though it was just a short time. thanks for the yummy pancit and paksiw mareng dex! and the roast beef that my bff lorna made for dinner when we got to their house in valdosta, georgia. really good foods!
we spent a night at my bff house and drove back to jacksonville the next morning. went downtown and walk around, took some pics and ate lunch at hooters bar and restaurant with the beautiful view of the riverwalk. jacksonville is a very big city, infact the biggest city of florida. most of the roads are being reconstructed which caused some traffic especially at night. we we're not familiar with the place so we brought an atlas with us plus the free map from the rental car at the airport helped a lot! i was the reader or human gps i should say and hubby was the driver. LOL! sometimes we argue but just petty ones! but we made it all the way through.
we also drove to daytona beach on our 3rd day in jacksonville for about one and a half hour. it was a very splendid beach, the view of the coast was fantastic! with all the palm trees.. oh! what a beautiful earth! we did sunbathing and mind you that was the very first sun bathing i've ever done in my entire life. but i was fine cuz i applied spf 50 sunscreen on my skin. haha! i don't wanna get really dark, i'm happy and contented with my brown color! but my hubby got sunburned, actually he wants to get tanned but what happened after was he turned out so red. so once we got back home here i put aloe vera all over his back, arms and chest. and he can feel the pain now! poor honey! haha! anyway here are some of our photos.

my bff lorna & me / me, dexie and divina

with the palm trees / riverwalk bridge

downtown jacksonville / daytona beach

daytona beach

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