Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Ashley

It's been so long. i really didn't have time to update this blog anymore, i have been so busy with my family especially with my Ashley. She has grown so big now. She is now eight months old and is learning to crawl forward cuz she is doing it backwards. Silly baby! It is just amazing to see her learning new things everytime. She is babbling pa-pa and ma-ma. She's on stage 3 baby food and really good in chewing her food. Oh she got two lower front teeth now. actually he started teething at five and a half months. She loves to scream a lot especially when shes on her high chair. She like to watch Taylor Swift's music videos. Singer in the making huh?! haha!

I am so blessed to have her, she is a beautiful baby and i just can't get enough of her. I love staring at her when shes sleeping. Where did time go? Eventually she'll be walking and talking. Time flies so fast. My husband and i are just so excited for her. She is precious in everybody's eyes. She is a little bit spoiled cuz shes the first girl granchild, grandma just can't stop shopping for her. Truly being a parent is so rewarding. I just love being a mommy, my life had changed a lot but i am loving every minute of it.