Sunday, May 24, 2009

Long Birth Story

Last May 13 i had a doctor's appointment at 3 pm. My husband and i went to the clinic and i was seen by Dr. Scott. It's my first time to meet him. I always see different doctors every appointment cuz they are a group. So he asked me to give them a urine sample and he took my vital sign. My blood pressure was elevated, as usual thats why i am being close monitored during my last trimester. My lab test came back and he told us that my urine has protein and blood spots so he send us over to the labor and delivery. He told me and my husband we have to get that baby out. It's time! I was shocked! So i asked him what is my option, CS or vaginal delivery. Thank God he says vaginal. So i am going to have a normal delivery thru induction.

My husband and i went to L&D and they put me in a room and they started monitoring my baby's heartbeat and my contraction (NST). After an hour maybe they sent us to a labor room. Everything that is needed for delivery is there. It was a big room. There is also a big sofa bed where my husband could sleep at night. My husband just got back to work after a 3 months leave 2 days before i was admitted. He had a spine surgery last feb. Good thing it was his day off fri and sat. i was admitted wednesday. He took a personal leave thurs. He doesn't wanna leave me. So at around 6-7 pm they started the induction. Because my blood pressure is elevated they gave me magnesium sulfate thru IV. Oh boy! that made my experience miserable. why? because it made me groggy and nauseaus. i was in total bed rest. i cant walk so i was on a catheter.

Could you imagine peeing without even feeling it? The nurse collected my 24 hr pee for lab test. i was told i have pre eclampsia. so before it is too late or something happens to me they have to get my baby delivered. A doctor check me if i am dilating and amazing i was already 3 cm. So we have to get it going so she put a medicine inside down there (you know) And i must also say that its not fun when they check the dilation. if you are just starting to dilate it hurts so bad. But as it progresses the pain is lesser when checked. The goal was i should deliver by thursday. But nothing happened thursday. i was just laying in bed feeling miserable. i can't even turn to my sides. my back hurts so bad i wanted to scream and just go home and forget about everything. lol!

Early friday morning came at around 2-3 a.m. the doctor came to check me and my water broke accidentally (or intentionally) her finger was there when it broke so i dont know if she really broke it. The nurse told me that the contraction will get stronger now that the water is broken. And she was right! At 5 a.m. i already asked for the epidural cuz i can't take it anymore. the pain is overwhelming and i just had enough. After giving it to me i felt a lot better. again i had a catheter on my back. imagine that. i was like a voodoo doll, they poke me every 6 hrs to draw blood for test. My arms were swollen, and even my face. I can hardly open my eyes. all my veins in my arms and hands were all poke.

At 5 a.m. the same doctor came in again to check the dilation and she finally said its time. So the nurse instructed me to start pushing to get the baby's head drop to engage in the canal. i pushed for 2 hrs even though i was so weak and very groggy. At 8 a.m. there were a lot of doctors and nurses inside my room. But believe me i didn't see them all cuz my eyes were shut the whole time. me, a poor thing! though they all introduce themself to me and my husband. My husband said there were about 12 people inside the room. The baby's head is still high so a female doctor says we wneed help. what is? a forcep or vaccum. so she explain the pros and cons of each. i chose the forcep. less harm on the baby but with a bigger damage on me. i didn't really care i just want my baby's safety.

So it all started, they put the forcep and and when my contraction came i started pushing. at three pushes my baby wa out. My husband told me he cried like a baby when he saw our little one. They took her away, clean her and check her. she was fine its just that her blood sugar level was low so they need to put her in the ICU. She was affected with the magnesium sulfate i had for my bp. I wasn't able to hold my baby right away cuz i was so weak and my eyes were still shut. i kissed her before they took her away to ICU. Then on me, my blood pressure went down to 70/30. So they called a doctor and gave me medicine to make it go up. I also had a third degree tear. thats the damage i was talking about. after everything was done they put me back on a catheter and magnesium sulfate.

That night i had bleeding, i lost about 800cc. So i needed a blood transfusion. another poke another IV on my right hand. Now i have 2 IV's. How cool is that! but i cant complain, i need it or i'll die. i was really so exhausted. i can't even sleep cuz they would check on me every hour. check the bleeding, my belly ( wasn't fun at all when they press it) the swelling down there and my vital signs. My blood pressure was again elevated. record break 159/108. So in other words they keep us 6 days in the hospital all because of my high blood pressure. They decided to add the dosage of my medicine to see if it go down, thank Goodness it did! They discharge us but i still need to back every week for a blood pressure check. And until now i am taking medication.

So that is all what happened during my labor and delivery. It's not easy at all but its all WORTH it!! My baby is so precious here's a picture of her.

Glad to be Back!

Hi everyone! I'm back! I just wanted to announce that i already gave birth last May 15. it was an unexpected date. i will tell you the details of my delivery and birth story of my precious baby girl on my next post. I also want to apologize again for not visiting you for a long atime, i hope you all understand. Now my life is completely diffferent. I am adjusting with everything especially in a motherhood world. Until now i haven't rested so well. I experience a very very miserable situation but its all worth it. And all you will know on the next post....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just an Update

I wont be active with blogging for a while since there's so much things going on right now. Anytime now my baby is coming out, we are just waiting. My parents in law are also with us and will be staying with us for maybe a month til our baby is born. Of course they dont wanna miss their first grand daughter's birth. I am still doing my NST twice a week so we are kinda busy. That's why i apologize if i wont be able to visit you back but i will try my best to be here once in a while.