Monday, December 22, 2008

Cassava Cake

Good thing there's internet so whenever i wanted to make something i just search the recipe online. I know i can always find the simpliest and easiest procedure. So for today i baked cassava cake cuz i have been missing this for a long time. It's been years since i had it back home. I know my husband would like it too. So if you wanna try to make it i'll share the recipe to you. It's my first time to make it but it's good.

2 pack of grated cassava (can be bought at asian store frozen)
2 14oz cans condensed milk
1 can coconut milk
2 eggs
1-2 tsp vanilla

Preheat oven to 350 degrees farenheit. Mix all ingredients but leave one can of condensed milk for topping. Baked 45-50 minutes. pour the the other can of condensed milk as topping and baked for another 20 minutes or until it turns golden brown. Let it cool and serve!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Crave for Pinakbet

I've been in the states for a year and a half now, and i've been missing a lot of filipino dishes. I could only cook filipino dishes once in a while if i have the ingredrients that i need for a certain recipe. One of those dishes that i have been craving for a long long time is the pinakbet, our very own ilocano dish. i really miss my mom's cooking. I have been wanting to cook it. I got so lucky today cuz here in Colorado i found a big oriental store called H-Mart. They say it is the biggest oriental store here in Colorado. Well i guess so cuz it is really huge, been there just once since we moved here. I was so happy though cuz i found all the filipino foods and veggies that i have been craving for a long time. I got all the ingredients for pinakbet, dilis, also got bangus ( milkfish) what's the best is that they will be the one to clean it for you and even cut the way you want it. i had it cut for daing! yum! Also got frozen grated cassava, i am planning of making cassava cake one of these days. i know my husband likes it! I even bought guava, been looking for it. and sweet tamarind. Oh boy! i am really so happy i found those foods. I've been whining to my husband for a long time that i wanted filipino veggies. Now my mouth is shut! haha! So today, i cook pinakbet for my lunch and it's gonna be good for a few days since i cooked a lot. Well it makes a lot if all the veggies are mixed together. I cooked it the way my mom make it. And it turned out so so good! yum yum!!

I didn't really measure everything, it depends on how much veggies you want to use. And i also used ground pork on this one.

Ground pork
Long string beans ( sitaw), about 2"lenghts
Squash ( kalabasa),seeded and cut into wedges
Eggplant (talong),cut into wedges
Bitter gourd (ampalaya), seeded and cut into wedges or depends on how you like
Okra, cut diagonally
Garlic, minced
Onions or shallot, sliced
Tomatoes, sliced
Cooking oil, 2-3 tablespoons
Salted fish sauce (bagoong isda), 3 tablespoons or depends on your taste
Water, 3 cups ( you can add more or less) it all depends on how much veggies you cook


Heat cooking oil in a wok, sautee garlic, onions/shallot and tomatoes. then add the ground pork, sautee until brown or done. Add salted fish and water. You can always adjust the taste by tasting it, it depends on how salty or saucy you want it. but i dont want it too much sauce on it so i didn't add more water.
Stir a little bit then add all the veggies. Cover and let it simmer until the veggies are all cooked. Serve hot with steamed rice. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas / Holiday from dNeero-ites

Showing Off... Exciting!

Today marks the fourth month of my pregnancy. I am so happy and excited because in a few weeks we will be able to figure out the baby's gender. I am just waiting for the call from the Prenatal Diagnosis and Genetics to schedule my date of appointment. It's pretty different here from the state we moved from. They should call me within this week so i am patiently waiting, But if they won't i'll call them fri. Besides its been almost three weeks since the last time they saw me for my OB visit. Oh well! My tummy is already showing off too, now i can see the bump! hehe! And i can now feel some of the baby's movement. It feels amazing! I can't wait for a harder kick! oh ya, some of my friends who were into pregnancy before told me that i'll cry when i feel that hard kick cuz it also hurts especially if the baby keeps on moving. I should prepare myself for that. haha!

My husband is also getting more and more excited as my tummy gets bigger. What's funny is that he really put his mouth so close to my tummy when he talk to our baby. And sometimes he practices how to carry a baby and ask me some questions like how to make the baby burp! i can really see that he is also preparing himself for everything. He even wanted to register for prenatal educational programs like "Infant and Child CPR" which is i think really important. And the "Newborn Parenting" because we are both first time parents to be. So we will be working on that pretty soon, just so glad that my husband thinks of these very important things and really suggests we should do it. We don't have any relatives living close to us so its just the two of us who will be taking care of our baby. I hope my parents in law will come and stay for a while with us. We are just so excited everyday and everybody in the family can't wait for the big news sometime next month. The baby's gender!

Okey i will post more about my pregnancy development next time to keep you all updated. At this time.. so far everything is doing alright! ciao.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Be Alert

In this time of economy crisis, crime is also very rampant. It happens everywhere. That is why we should be aware with what is going on around us, we should always be alert and prepared. We must bring something with us to defend ourself and 5.11 Tactical Knives is a good example. It is not just for defending ourself but also can be use with other things. It can be a first responder on fire, EMS, law enforcement or special operations knows the importance of having a dependable tactical knife available for critical incidents and off-duty use.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Home Alone..

not the movie but a reality... yes i'm home alone tonight. My husband flew to Phoenix to watch ACDC's concert. I didn't want to go because i dont wanna be tired and also its not the kind of music that i want cuz its a loud music. You know the guy kind of music! Anyway he went with his friend. He'll be home tomorrow at noon. But i am not used to sleep alone anymore, its just so hard for me so dont know how am i going to sleep tonight without my husband. Oh well i hope my eyes gets tired being infront of my laptop for a long period of time. It is just so quiet here.... i have no one to talk to (sigh!). And what a coincidence, im watching the "Home Alone" movie. So sad..

Monday, December 8, 2008

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

SpitzTunes without a Cause

Just an Update

Just to give you an update with my pregnancy, i'm exactly on my 14th week today. i had an appointment with a midwife also. it's my first appointment here in colorado. The midwife was nice and gave me more informations about pregnancy. We were able to hear my baby's heartbeat once again, it's always a relief for me to hear it as well as with my husband. So my next appointment will be an ultrasound and by that time i hope we could see the baby's gender. I am so excited and can't wait. I don't want surprises!! so i could prepare everything and narrow down the names on my list. lol!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Want a Hip Ride?

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Just a Lazy Sunday!

It's been a while since i updated my blog, there was just so many things going on right now. First thing is that we just moved to a new place so we are on the process of adjusting. We do not know anybody from here and never meet anyone yet. But i believe we will one of these days, it takes time maybe! Second is with my pregnancy that is making me so lazy sometimes. well actually i feel weird. i am already on my way to second trimester which is suppose to be a good news cuz i have passed the most delicate part of pregnancy already which is the first trimester. but that is not what i am meant, what i am trying to say is that i am beginning to feel more picky with foods and i hate to smell a lot of things now. but so far i can still handle it. third is the weather, with this kind of weather with all the snow oh boy i just wanted to curl up in bed all day. Or maybe i am really being lazy. but anyhow, i still manage to do the dropping of ec's to those who dropped on mine. thanks guys!! I guess i'll be having a lot more time blogging again since i already stop working. i have to focus with my situation right now, a lot of extra care. And aside from that i can take care of my husband's needs again. cuz to tell you honestly when i was working i don't have much time to cook for him anymore unlike before. But now i'm back to being the house manager again!!

Engage with Grace

About Dneero-ites

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Place

We are finally in our new place, new home and new environment here in Aurora, Colorado. We travelled for two days, it went smooth and we got here safe and sound. We spend the first night at Sheridan, Wyoming and we made it here to Denver the next night. So now we are not yet done putting away everything. our new apartment is still crazy but we're almost done.Theres just a few things left to put away but aside from that everything is fine. We are getting ourself familiarize with our new place since we do not know around here yet so we decided to buy a GPS. So it would be more convenient for us to find a place and go anywhere we want. It's really a big help. I think my husband and i will really have a big adjustment not only with the place but also with the people. unlike in Spokane, Washington you barely see mexicans and black people but here you can see them everywhere. so it's kinda mix when it comes to the people here. There are many different races in this state. I also saw many asians like me.

So far i kinda like this place better cuz we are just so close to many stores, mall and restaurant. I was able to find a new doctor so i made an appointment right away cuz i can't wait to know how's my baby doing inside my tummy. i'm already on my 13th week and my tummy is getting bigger already. Well, i will keep you updated regarding my pregnancy and also with our new world.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lemonade for Me..

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's Time to say Goodbye!

Yesterday was my last day of work at JC Penney. It was a very nice day for me, for the last time i did my job so well. i have learned a lot of things and i am so thankful for the chance they have given me. The experience was incredible especially that i worked with different people, i mean americans. I was the only filipina in our workplace but i was never treated differently among others. They treated us all equal with no descrimination. I was happy with my job cuz my co-workers were all so helpful. They teach me everything that i need to know around the job. I met new friends too, and for sure i'm gonna miss them. I will never forget the experience i had with my first job. and i will also miss the place. I felt sad when it's time for me to go home and give back my name badge, and everything that belongs to them. i wanted to stay a little longer but i can't cuz it'll only make me more sad. But anyhow, my friends gave me a hug and didn't forget to gave me their contact informations so we still get in touch though we wouldn't see each other anymore for a long time since next week we are off to denver. A new place, new home and new environment.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great Deal for Eyeglasses

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Easy and Simple Tikoy

I don't know why but i have been thinking of tikoy lately. Tikoy is a chinese delicacy especially serve during Chinese New Year. I have only eaten once but i really liked it. So i came to a thought of trying to make a tikoy though i don't know how to make it cuz i have never done it before. Well, easy all i did was to look up a recipe that i can easilly follow. Lucky that i found one. So i didn't let this day pass by not trying to make tikoy for the first time since i have all the ingredients needed. Infact the picture above is my evidence that i made it and it turned out really good. Here im sharing the recipe to you just incase you want to make it yourself too.



2 ½ C sweet rice flour
1 ¾ C water
1 C sugar


1. Mix all ingredients until smooth.
2. Line a bamboo steamer with cloth. Pour mixture into the lined steamer and steam for 1 - 2 hours, or until set.
3. Cool completely. Wrap in plastic film and refrigerate overnight.
4. Slice thinly, then fry in a non-stick skillet with a little butter, or dip in beaten egg before frying.

A Yo-Yo Holiday

Sports Clothing, Where? When?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

First Ultrasound

Today was my appointment for my early ultrasound. It was a very happy moment for me and my husband cuz we've seen our little baby. Very tiny yet the heart beats so fast at 179 per minute. I can't describe the happiness i felt that i was about to cry cuz i can finally breath and feel at peace. Now i know that there is a little heart beating inside my womb. The smile on my husbands face just never fade while looking at the ultrasound's picture and even more when he heard the heartbeat. He even cracked a joke to the baby saying " relax baby mom and dad is here!" He is so goofy. We were so excited and so we decided to break in the news to his family in Iowa. They are glad to hear the news especially my parents in law. They said that they feel like they are in cloud nine. They are so ready to have another little one in the amily since their youngest grandchild is now 6 years old. They are also hoping for a girl and so we are. If its so, then its gonna be the first girl grandchild in their family.

Now i have to be really very careful. This baby is now our life. We are praying that he/she will always be fine and in good health as she grow inside. Well that will be depend on me on what i eat and do right?! haha! I will never harm my baby, i have started to love him/her and no matter what happens i will never give up on my baby. We are just so ready to have him/her in our life!!

Best Quality Workboots

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Greetings!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!! Hope you enjoy this day with your family! Happy trick or treating!!!

Stylish Eyeglassess at Zenni

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Not Feeling Good Today

I have been off from work for a week now, i am just not feeling good. i know that it is because of my pregnancy. the other day i was getting ready for work but before i take a shower i throw up, so i called in sick. yesterday i went to work. i was feeling good but just after three hours i felt something coming out so i went to the restroom to see what it was. And i was so shocked and scared to see that i waas bleeding. but i wasn't feeling anything painful or cramps but the bleeding was heavy, it's like having a normal period. so i panicked again and told my co-worker right away. She told me to take a break and just sit down and calm down, everything will be fine.

Good thing during that time my manager was on the floor, she asked me what's goin on so we told her. She let me call the doctor's office and i got to takled with the nurse. She asked about the bleeding and some more questions that i don't wanna say it here.. hehe! So she told me what might caused the bleeding. She adviced me to rest and observe it. My manager gave me a ride home. she was also worried about me.

I observed the bleeding till evening, i was relieved when it stop last night. Thank Goodness!! i thought something terrible will happen again. i can't afford to be in that situation again. So today i decided to take a rest and not to go to work. i will just call in again, anyway my manager advice me to give her a call if i can't report today. She is so nice and very understanding. i gave her my resignation paper yesterday and she understand my reason.

There's nothing more important to me right now but this life i am carrying right now, i don't ever wanna lose it again!!

A Condominium-Hotel for your Vacation


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

Okey, since i am pregnant i have to be very careful with all the foods that i eat. But i have to make sure that i have a balance diet. So i wanna be aware of the foods that i should avoid that can harm both me and my baby during my pregnancy stage. So i thought of sharing to all of you what foods should be avoided during pregnancy.

What not ot eat during pregnancy:

Raw Meats and Seafood including sushi - all uncooked and rare meats and seafood should be avoided due to high risk of listeria and salmonella poisoning.

Deli meats including hot dogs - these deli meats might be contaminated with listeria bacteria which may result in miscarriage or even a stillbirth. It's safe to eat deli meats if you reheat them until steaming hot.

Refrigerated smoked seafood - for the same reason of listeria contamination. It is safe if they are contained in cooked dishes. Canned and shelf-stable versions are safe to eat.

Raw eggs - raw eggs may contain salmonella. Some Caesar salad dressings, mayonnaise, homemade ice cream and custards as well as Hollandaise sauces may be made with raw eggs. It is best to check with your server in a restaurant; if in doubt, it is best to avoid it. In addition, unpasteurized eggnog should be avoided.

Fish high in mercury - avoid high-mercury fish such as Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel and Tilefish. Also limit fish intake to no more than 2 servings per week. For more info - read Is it Safe to eat Fish during Pregnancy?

Soft cheese - avoid the following soft cheeses: Feta, Brie, and Camembert cheeses, blue-veined cheeses, queso blanco, queso fresco and Panela. They are safe to eat if they are labelled pasteurized.

Refrigerated p√Ętes or meat spreads - for the same reason of listeria contamination. It is safe to eat the canned or shelf-stable versions.

Liver - liver is a rich source of iron. However it contains a high level of Vitamin A. Large amounts of Vitamin A can be harmful to the baby.

Unpasteurized milk and juices

Alcohol - many documented fetal abnormalities and birth defects have been associated with alcohol use during pregnancy.

Paksiw na Tilapia for Dinner

Boiling hot paksiw na tilapia

I became picky with the food i eat eversince i got pregnant, well we all know that it is very normal for a pregnant woman to have a change in tastebuds. And also there are some certain smell that i used to like but i hated now. Tonight i was craving for paksiw, good thing we bought tilapia when we went to the grocery store. But i don't have any veggies that go with it like eggplant or bittermelon. But it's ok it's still a paksiw ( pickled boiled fish) anyway. We all know that there are certain fishes that a pregnant woman should avoid to eat because of the risk of a high mercury but tilapia isn't one of them. I was so happy it turned out the way i like it cuz you know i am not good in cooking paksiw. but thanks to the recipe i found online. it was easy. So now while im typing this post i am just waiting for the rice to get cooked. Later i'm gonna pig out with my paksiw! yum!

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Ob-gyne Visit

Today was my first appointment with the nurse and doctor. I had history and physical exam at the same time. So far as everything is fine, my weight and my blood pressure. I also had had a blood test, boy! i am already immune to needles. I'll be going back next week for an ultrasound to know how far along i really am now since they only based it with the last day i stop taking my birth control pills. The nurse says i am approximately on my 8 weeks and 6 days now. So next week i will know exactly how far along i am now and i will also get to hear the baby's heartbeat if we can.

Now i still don't feel safe. i am worried, i admit that! Maybe i will only feel relieved when i hear the heartbeat. I already had a trauma with my first pregnancy, we didn't hear the heartbeat. and after a few days it was gone. So with this one, i am hoping and praying that we could hear it. This is the only way i can breath without worrying about it again. Sometimes i can't help but to have negative thoughts again. There are a lot of "what if's" goin on in my mind. Oh boy! what can i do. eventhough i dont want to, i can't avoid it. Well i guess, i need a lot of prayers and a lot of care with my health especially on my food intake. Need prayers and good advices for pregnancy everyone!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

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