Monday, May 12, 2008

I Refuse!

This morning before my hubby leave for work he asked me if it's okey to give up the cable box so we can cut up some expenses and save some money for our moving hopefully in September. we haven't decided yet where but we have some prospect places, we just needed to visit the places first and see if we will be comfortable. So back to the cable box, i wanted to but then the thought of giving it up also means that i can't watch my favorite tv shows in cable channels and tfc anymore makes me feel more and more bored! cuz everyday while he is at work i watch all the shows of tfc which makes me feel closer to home and i am still aware with the latest happenings thru tv patrol world. i really am not ready to give it up so i refuse and tell my hubby to keep it for two more months and just get rid of it by the time that were ready to pack and move. thank goodness he agreed!

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