Saturday, May 3, 2008

Appointment for interview

Yesterday afternoon after i showered i went out to get the mails from our mail box. i received a letter from USCIS, i thought my working permit has arrived but i can't feel any card inside the mail. so i was curious what it was. when i opened the mail the letter states that they are requesting us (me & hubby) to appear in their office here in our city for the initial interview for my application to register permanent residence or adjustment of status. i thought there will be no more interview cuz my friend here wasn't interviewed after her biometrics. she got her working permit after a month, but she haven't receive her green card. and its also been a month since my biometrics last month but i haven't receive my working permit yet, so i got confuse. good thing i have a friend who works at the dept. of homeland security. so i called her up and she explained everything to me. anyway, the appointment will be next month and good thing it was scheduled on my hubby's day-off. i hope after the interview, in a few weeks i will be receiving my my green card so i can get a social security number for me to be able to apply for a job. i've been a stay home wife for more than 8 months now. and sometimes i get really bored!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Na linked na kita sis. - Florence