Monday, May 26, 2008

I'll Miss my Blog!

I'll be gone for a few days folks so i can't update my blog during those days (4 days) and sad to say that i can't visit yours too but once i get back i will be hopping on to your blogs and check whats new about you. i do hope you will still visit me though. i am just so excited now that i can't even think of anything else to post here right now. LOL! i am just so ready for the beach! hehe! gotta lots of things to do today so i better start before i run out of time. i don't wanna leave our apartment dirty so i thought of doing some dusting and cleaning before we leave it tomorrow. cuz for sure when we get back i have tons of laundry too and be tired of cleaning after the trip. i better finish packing my luggage too so to make sure that i won't forget anything. i'll be missing my blog and my everyday hopping to other blogs! but i can't wait to post pictures of our trip at my i-travel blog where my travel experiences are posted. so see ya'll guys after 4 days! have a blessed and lots of money making week to all of you!

1 comment:

Cielo said...

hi sis thx for the visit, i added u up already hope u can do the same with mine once ur back :)