Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just sneaking around!

Couldn't do much blogging today cuz it's my hubby's off and usually i don't spend too much time here on the computer cuz sometimes he uses it too and the fact that he doesn't know that i have been into blogging world for almost a month now. i'm still keeping it secret from him, i'm gonna tell him soon but not now. and right now as i am writing this he's doing exercise on his stationary bike so he can't see what i am doing. but still he keep bugging me to do something else like turning the channel of the tv, asking me a glass of water and turning the volume of the headset higher. grrr... well anyway he took me out to a movie last night and we watched "baby mama". Tuesday is free popcorn day! it was already 10:15 pm when the movie starts, and imagine there was no other else in the theater aside from us. it was just the two of us! its very romantic! it feels like he reserved the theater just for us! haha! my imagination is flying! so eventhough i laugh out loud nobody would be bothered. the movie was so hilarious! i really like Amy Poehler, she's so so funny. i watch her every saturday on SNL!

That's why i didn't do much blog hopping too today cuz we went out again and just did a lil walking cuz the weather is getting nicer and nicer, it's getting warmer everyday! i really like it, and a friend of mine called me and ask me if i can go out with them sometime, uh just a little get together at friend's house. we'll do some cooking and chikas! we call it pinays day out! hehe! cuz our hubby's are not around. we usually do it on weekdays while our husband's are at work. cuz when they're off from work its the time that we spent just for them. i guess hubby is about done so im gonna sign off now too! see you around!

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