Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vitamin Beer

Let's talk about beer this time, we all know that theres beer anywhere in the whole world. it may be in diferrent brand names but still it's a beer. and one of the nation that are beer lovers is our very own country philippines. i wonder why what's with the beer why a lot of man loves it especially in an occassion. the presence of beer is always seen, they drink it like water! and not only man but also women nowadays loves drinking beer. i'm not a beer drinker though cuz i dont like the bitter taste of it. it just amuse me when i see people that drink beer cuz it looks like its just nothing to them anymore.

sometimes i ask my hubby cuz he drinks beer occassionally, what do he gets from drinking it?

his answer... cuz it's cold and he wants to drink when he want to get drunk! LOL!

a few months ago, i wasn't into blogging yet i've seen a news on tv that one filipino named Virgilio "billy" L. Malang invented a "vitamin beer". He said that 5 percent inspiration is from the filipinos love of drinking. read more about it, click here.

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