Friday, May 16, 2008

My Acne Problem Solved

After my miscarriage a few months ago i noticed that there were small pimples growing on my forehead which is i am not used to. but at first i wasn't bothered by it and thought that it'll just disappear in a few days but it gotten worse when there were also some growing on my cheeks and not only that its kinda hurt too. so i begun worrying about it and told my hubby that maybe i needed to see a dermatologist. i don't ever wanna go anywhere with zits around my face. i felt ashame if somebody would see it and though they won't say anything but do i know what they were thinking about me when they see my pimpled face? i really got bothered and my hubby too! until we saw a commercial on tv about an acne treatment with the celebrities testimonials about it, so i thought what if i try that too and see if it really works?! my hubby told me to go on their website and order it online. so i did and so easy to do it, after a few days my order came in and was so excited to use it for the first time with a hope that it will really work! after a few days i notice some changes, there were some peeling but not bad. and my zits started to get dry. after a month of using it i notice the glow in my face and my zits were gone! my face got smooth and i really like the result! the product really works! until now i'm still using it though its a lil expensive but its worth it! now i can go anywhere i want without worrying about how do i look. my friends also noticed the changes on my face skin. and they said my face is fairer and smoother!

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