Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's Sunday!

It's Sunday time to praise God, thank Him for all the blessings that was poured unto us for the past week, though anytime of the day everyday is always nice to remember and thank Him. may it be a big or small blessings. and tomorrow will be a start of another new week.. im looking forward to our trip to Floriday in 2 days. so today i have started packing the things that we need for the trip. we'll be there for 3 days, i'm gonna meet my friend Dexie hopefully if she's not busy. she just started with her job lately. my hubby and i will also drive to valdosta, georgia to meet my bestfriend who just got here in the US last month. i'm going to get some stuff that i asked her to buy for me in PI and i will also give her some filipino seasoning i bought from the filipino store here in our place, cuz they don't have filipino store in their place or maybe haven't find one since shes new to their place.

We are going to look around the place in Jacksonville, we'll see if it's the right place for us to move and be settled there. i hope it's a good one so we won't be moving from one place to another every year or two cuz it is just so hard to do that.

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