Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Free Rice for the Poor

I was infront of the computer while the tv is on and i heard something from a news that caught my attention. its about an online game which in the same way could help millions of poor people from around the world who are experiencing poverty. and because i am so fascinated with games i went on their website to check it out and try it for myself. and its true! its really an exciting educational online game cuz not only that you can help but also it benefits you by widening your vocabulary knowledge. i am so into it! i love this kind of game simply because i love learning, and for me learning never stops. while i am learning i am also helping poor people just by choosing the correct meaning of the given word from the choices and every correct answer means i am donating 20 grains of rice to the UN World Food Program. so the more correct answer the more grains i can donate, just by knowing what a word meant you can make a difference by helping end hunger. pretty easy isn't it? i just started making a difference in those peoples life, we all can! and now i'm getting addicted with the game that extremely benefits me like some people who have been to it says...

"In the best spirit of the internet, it offers education, entertainment and a way to change the world."

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