Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Face

I worked my whole day trying to change my blog's template, i had seen so many beautiful templates but some of it are for sale and some of it are needed to download but because our pc has McAfee security, just can't download it that easy without informing my hubby. he run it again the other day and gathered about 15 virus which sometimes makes our pc run so slow and unresponsive which pissess me off most of the time especially when im working on my blog. So today i serached for free blogger templates but ended up with a very simple one, but i like it though! i'm just sick and tired of my previous template which look like a blackboard becuz of its color. LOL! i wish i was as gifted and creative like you to make my template the way i want it! well, there's always room for learning isn't it? i just have to be patient and willing to do all of that. (sigh) gotta go for now haven't take a shower yah know! haha! (antot na ko!) then later need to cook pa the bistek i marinated. my hubby requested it, i made it the other day and he just can;t get enough of it so he want me to make it again today. be back and visit some of you later!

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