Friday, May 2, 2008

Truly Pinoy!


just one of the ethnic foods that filipino loves to eat, unhatched duck embryo. it is full of protein! its one of the pinoy foods that i miss. sprinkle some salt and suck that soup in it! yum! but for foreigns who sees it can't take to eat it! haha!


this food is filipinos favorite especially during summer, its a mixture of different fruits, sweetened beans and more. top it with your favorite ice cream flavor. yum yum! makes me really crave for it!


And my all time favorite fruit ripe or unripe.. the fabulous mango! LOL! i love making mango shake and my hubby loves it too!

tuna fish

Fresh catch tuna fishes.. yummy with coconut milk! one of pinoys favorite fish.


a local public ride in the philippines, you can see it anywhere in PI.


shimumsy said...

what can i say. pinoy na pinoy. take me back to manila please?

honey said...

Balot? yes.. yummy yummy... I have some here gles. You like?..hehehhe..just teasing you.. I only eat the cutest baby in the egg, i don't know what no. is that..LOL