Monday, May 19, 2008

Acne-Fighting Mask

I was reading the latest issue of cosmopolitan magazine for June,i came accross to this article about a homemade acne treatment and thought of sharing it to you guys. we all know and believe that papaya is really good for our skin cuz it is loaded with enzymes that help dissolve oil and slough off dead skin. and the fact that there are many brand names of papaya soap in the market everywhere. so here's how to make the homemade acne fighting mask...

Cut a papaya in half, and toss the seeds. scoop out the fruit and mash it. beat an egg until its frothy, and then mix it with the papaya ( the egg helps the mask stick). add half a cup of crushed pineapple to the egg/papaya mixture, and whip together. (TIP: you can also mix the ingredients in the blender or a food processor for an extra smooth consistency... and to save yourself some work) cover your face with the mixture, avoiding the sensitive eye area, from your brows to the tops of your cheekbones. leave it on for about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly.

apply the mask once a week to sop up acne causing grease.

And that's it.. very organic, easy to make and most of all affordable! you may even use the left-over fruit to make a healthful smoothie! itsn't that great? theres no harm in trying no chemicals added anyway.. may try it myself too!

credits: cosmopolitan mags

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