Friday, May 2, 2008

It's a beautiful day!

What a beautiful day today. the weather is so good and warm! i can go outside now without wearing a jacket. the sun shines so bright! ugh! i wish i know how to drive now so i can go for a walk or just sit in a park to watch people around passing by (munimuni sa kawalan! lol!), cuz it feels relaxing to just sit in a park while reading your favorite novel. i have been waiting for a warm weather like this in the past few weeks, spring has started long time ago but it still feel like winter cuz it was raining, windy and chilly and sometimes even snowing in the past few weeks. but finally, i hope this is the start of a really good and sunny weather everyday! i took the pic thru my phone just today, its the scenery of the neighborhood apartments. and look at that swimming pool... looks inviting but they're still cleaning it cuz it was closed during the winter. pretty soon they're gonna open it for the residents here in our court. have a beautiful and warm day everyone!

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