Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wanna Have my Own Garden

SmileyCentral.com Every time we go to a store i always get to see beautiful flowering plants and i really get so upset cuz i've been dying to have my own garden with beds of different flowers. i always tell my hubby that i want it so much and he always reply me with.... i know baby! but we don't have our own house yet.
i envy those houses that we pass by with a garden at their yards. especially now that it's the season for tulips to bloom. how beautiful could be a house with lots of flowering plants on its facade. it is really one of my hobbies way back when i was still in the Philippines cuz my mom inspired me, we used to have different plants and flowers in our yard and we do really take care of them, sometimes i even talk to the plants begging them to bloom. LOL! i miss those days cultivating and watering plants! for sure mom still keep our garden well.

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reanaclaire said...

hi..added u to my blog..i m like u.. seems to be addicted too.. each day thinking of what to write about..haha