Saturday, May 10, 2008

My new karaoke revolution

So happy and excited today! i got my new craze for the nintendo wii game "karaoke revolution american idol". this morning we had time to go to best buy cuz hubby's schedule for work is in the afternoon, i've been bugging him for the past few days about this new video game. So today my wish was granted! we bought it for $65 tax included! my gosh so expensive that's why my hubby call me a "brat"! LOL! i actually saw this at the movie baby mama. so right after watching that movie i keep talking about it, my hubby must have been irritated with me! i really love singing since i was a kid, i remember my family used to let me join to a singing contest in our barangay in the province. hehe! but because i have a stage fright i didn't pursue that given talent to me. but until now i still sing in the bathroom while showering! haha! sometime when we do karaoke at home but i didn't want to join any contest anymore besides im too old for that! haha! i just wish my future kids would be given that talent to pursue my dreams. but for now, i wouldn't be bored anymore again cuz i have this new craze! so be back blogging later cuz i can't wait to try it and be judge by Simon Cowell! haha!

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