Saturday, May 17, 2008

I got my Cheat reward!

My hubby and i made an agreement that we are both going on a diet because we noticed that we are already getting huge. and the diet is also accompanied by an exercise. well, i think it's pretty easy cuz i don't eat too much anyway, i eat like a cat but eversince i started taking the prescription birth control pills i am getting bigger too. might be a side effect of it huh! but my hubby is so health concious, he doesn't like red meats (pork and beef) well yeah sometimes he eats beef but very rare. he can eat chicken everyday but i can't. so most of the time i cook veggies or veggie burger for him. the only fish he like the most is tilapia fillet. not the whole tilapia cuz he says he dont wanna eat it with its eyes looking at him! LOL! he's so funny. so we only buy the frozen tilapia fillet that comes in a box. so every other day he exercise after work on our stationary bike that he bought last december. sometimes i do it too but most of the time i am so lazy! hehe! so when he asked me if i exercised i just said yeah, but i really do exercise. i do some crunches and stretching! haha! i concentrate on my abs cuz i getting a belly already. every sunday is our weighing day to see our progress. if we lose weight or not! but last sunday when i weighed myself i lost 3 lbs. yeah! was so happy while he only lost a pound. haha! so i told him i deserve a cheat so last wednesday i got my cheat, a chocolate covered strawberry waffle from dairy queen! yum yum!

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beevee said...

what a great reward..hihi :)