Thursday, May 15, 2008

A walk in the Park

Its past midnight but here i am wide awake and infront of the pc fixing my links and typing what just my day went like. well, today is my hubby's off from work so as usual i didn't do blogging cuz he doesn't know about it, still my secret! so we went out for a walk in the park, the weather was warm but windy so it was really nice. for the first time after the winter i went out with just my short and a sleeveless shirt. he took me to the river downtown and the current was tremendous! if somebody fall on that he/she'll be dead for sure. we take some pictures and of course the beautiful spring flowers and trees didn't pass out our sight. its really nice for the eye to see green trees and grasses cuz its so refreshing. we even saw some baby squirrels and marmots! my hubby just loved taking pictures of animals and nature. well for me i felt better being out from my prison (as i call our apartment) hehe! cuz i couldn't go anywhere when hubby is at work. i stay home all day by myself. i could only get the chance to go out when some of my friends wants to go malling, they come and pick me up here. sigh! thats what you get when you dont know how to drive! grrrr... we also went to the video and bookstore and i bought a new book, a novel by Sophie Kinsella entitled "Can You Keep A Secret?" cuz im almost done with the book that i am reading as of now. and he bought another nintendo wii videogame, Lara Croft (tomb raider) and an Atlas book cuz we travel frequently so we need one. on our way home we stop by at a store to buy some stuff that were low and out of. anyway i enjoyed my day with my honey! i have been bugging him for the last few days to take me out for a walk cuz i need some exercise too! hehe!

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