Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My Morning today!

This morning hubby woke up earlier than me cuz he said hes going to make a mexican food, well he just love mexican cuisine so much that he makes something from time to time i would ask him to cook, first cuisine that come up to his mind is a mexican food. i have tasted his enchiladas a week ago and it was cool! not bad at all! so today he made a taco salad.

i intended not to get up til he's done cuz i know he's going to ask me to chop some onions for him, he hate chopping onions cuz it makes him cry. hehe! as if i don't!

so when i thought he's already done i got up and went to the kitchen first to see how's the kitchen look like.. and oh yeah! i was right! its a mess everywhere! i know that everytime he does the cooking the kitchen is a disaster! the sink is full of utensils he used, the counter is messy and wet! as i expected so i didn't get annoyed cuz i know my hubby when he work at the kitchen.

so after girgling, i poured my coffee on the cup and then he asked me to chop some onions for him! oh well! what's my choice but to do it! he still need a hand though.. i always have my part!

it was almost 10 a.m. and he hadn't eat breakfast and in an hour hes leaving for work, good thing there is still some leftover from our yesterday's breakfast which he really really like. it's a filipino breakfast he asked me to make yesterday. its a garlic fried rice, corn beef with onions and egg. so i just put it in the microwave and made the egg. in a few minutes breakfast is ready!

garlic fried rice, corn beef with onions and egg

after breakfast i prepared his pack lunch which is the taco salad he made while he take a shower. and that will also be my lunch later. my hubby is so health concious these days cuz i always tell him he's getting so big. and sometimes i call him "baboy" ( just teasing) he know what i mean when i call him with that term! LOL! and he call me back "bruha" hehe! we are so sweet, aren't we? hehe! it seems that he first learned the bad words huh! i guess everybody does! anywhere you go bad words are the first in line to learn. haha! like my friend from visaya, she taught me the bad words first but i'm not goin to say it here cuz it's bad! LOL! anyway, we are trying to eat healthy from now on, i my self gained a lil weight since my miscarriage. so to make it short, we are both on a diet. for how long? i dunno! til we both lose some fats maybe! and before he leave the house he would remind me to exercise. not just stretching but exercise on the stationary bike he bought last december. but i only do it when i'm not lazy but most of the time i am, cuz it is so tiring!LOL!

So anyway, im having my lunch while typing this and heres the taco salad which my hubby made this morning.

without taco

with taco
not bad at all! it's yummy and i like it! hmm.. i'm getting used eating mexican foods already. it has romain lettuce, beef with chilis,olives, onions, sourcream and salsa and of course taco. toss it up and voila! chow time!

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