Friday, May 2, 2008


I didn't imagine myself getting hooked into blogging. im not really a good writer, wasn't even expecting that i could have something in mind to write about. i just started blogging on the 2nd week of the previous month and wow as i look at my archive not bad at all! and that few weeks time i also gathered a list of people who cared to read and visit my blog. at first i said i will only write about my daily encounters but then i guess my mind blossomed into a wider space, i remember a couple of my friends told me when you start blogging you will be enjoying it to the extent that you don't wanna stop writing anymore. it's like a coccaine that once you experience it you will get addicted to it! and i guess its true. i never dreamed of being a writer because i know i dont have talent in writing. my mind is limited with ideas.. i can write a few but then that's it! but having my own site feels different, this is mine, this is my world! whatever that im going to write in here nobody has the right to object cuz this is mine. i can say that this could be a sort of stress therapy for me. when i'm happy.. i could write it here as well as when i'm down! because this is the story of my life. i now learn to love the beauty of writing. i now believe that writing has no exemption, that all of us has a gifted talent in every way. i just have to believe in myself! appreciate others and learn from them too! i owe this from all of the blogger lovers who influenced me. and for that i want to thank you! i now conlude that blogging has a big contribution to my life, cuz not only that i get to meet new friends but also learn to love writing, improve my writing skills, grammar and all. Maraming salamat sa inyo!

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Shiela said...

You are right. All of us have skills in writing, it only needs to be develop. I was the same as you before so scared that i will be picked with my grammar. But it doesn't matter as long as you enjoy it. Continue writing and have fun.