Friday, May 2, 2008

Mariah weds again!

Last night my hubby was reading some news on the internet while i was washing some dishes in the kitchen. he called me out and said..

honey Mariah Carey just got married! and to me i was shocked! so i asked him... with who?
with a guy named Nick cannon!

who is that guy? i never heard of him! i said..

i just saw her last week at the american idol show singing her new song "touch my body" and never even heard any rumors about them. and today the news came out that shes married. It was a secret marriage at her house in the bahamas with family and friends. Mariah is now 38 years old and Nick is 11 years younger. he is an actor on the movie "drumline" and "shall we dance". i actually saw those movie but can't remember him. and he also had his singing debut in 2003 with his self-titled album. according to the news they were only dating for a few weeks. i just wish that this time around mariah's marriage will not end up with nothing like her previous marriage. she deserves to be happy. my hubby and i loves her so much. we both love her songs with her amazing voice!

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