Friday, May 16, 2008

Freak Woman Pissed me off!

For the first time last night since i moved here i got to chat with a friend not really a friend close to me but because her son is my godson so i just call her a friend anyway, shes in the Philippines. the first things she asked was "how are you?" so i replied "i'm doing good!" and she also asked how far am i right now with my baby. i told her that i had a miscarrige a few months ago so im not pregnant anymore, she said sorry for that and again i said it's okey cuz were gonna have another baby soon anyway when we are ready again. we talked about some other things also then suddenly she said... " can you buy me a ralph lauren cap when you see one?" well in my thought i said what? you dont even dare to ask me if i got a job right now?! (i got her point right away) what is this woman thinks about me? rich? i almost tell her that hey woman i don't just sh*t dollars here! just because i live in USA that means that i already have all the money i need?! Not quite a surprise to me anymore though cuz even when i was still in PI she would always as in always ask me if i could loan her some money everytime she sees me. Do i look like Ninoy in the 500 peso bill? oh maybe now i look like the person on the 100 dollar bill! LOL! sometimes it really pisses me off the way some people (especially in the province) in the Philippines think about you when you are here in the states and they are there in PI. they assume that once you are abroad you live a luxurious life already, as if it is so easy to earn money. they don't understand that what you earn is also what you spend. i mean you earn dollars but you also spend dollars! and to think that shes not even related to me? my family or relatives doesn't even ask anything from me. and its the first time ever that we talked online. what a guts for her to ask me that! haha! so i immediately cut off our conversation and told her that i was already sleepy but the fact is i dont wanna talk to her any longer. i guess she knew that i got pissed-off. well its just a cap i can buy her that when i get a job but thats not the point, she went to it right away without even asking. i don't wanna ask money from my hubby just to buy a cap for her. hello! i don't even do that to my family. as of now i am jobless because i am not yet capable of working without my working permit. that woman maybe thinks when she hears "America", life is always a luxury! yeah right its uncle Sam's country, land of the big apple but hey people here all work their a** off to live and support their families and yeah gas prices and stuff also gets high in here and people also feel pain in their a** for that!

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