Sunday, May 18, 2008

Florida Here We Come!

On the 27th of this month we will be going to Jacksonville, Florida to check out the place cuz we might be moving there by September. My hubby and i have been planning and talking about moving a few months ago and there were many prospects that we are choosing from but Florida stands out. First, it doesn't snow during winter but yeah it's still cold out there too. Second, its hot as in Philippines summer hot weather during summer. or maybe hotter! but what i like the most is the beach! stunning and amazing beaches! we both love the beach.

The very main reason why we are moving is all because of my hubby's job. he request for a transfer so he's gonna be working at jax airport for southwest airlines. nope he's not a pilot! hehe! he's a ground crew.

I have learned to love our place here but in a few months time i have to leave it. i had totally adjusted and adopt my environment here already. i got familiar quickly with the roads i just needed to learn driving, but for sure i know my map around here. i have met few friends here that i already treasure. they are just so good to me! and they too are sad when i told them were moving but they can't do anything to stop us neither do i. i have to go where my hubby has to go.

But anyway i know that when we move to florida there are friends waiting for me there too! my bestfriend lives just 45 minutes drive away from jacksonville and hey my friend Dexie live in Jacksonville. who knows we'll be neighbors! haha!

I have mix emotions actually, i'm sad (i'm a cry baby) cuz this place has been dear to me and my friends here but on the other hand i'm also excited cuz i cant wait to see the beach, feel the heat of the sun in Florida, excited to see our new place, meet my friends who live there and new friends too! and oh yeah can't wait to see disneyworld! never been there yet.

But thinking about the moving again makes me sick... why? because moving from Spokane, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida on a uhaul takes about 4 days on the road. uhh! can you imagine how tiring that is? especially on hubby's part cuz he'll be the only one driving the big truck full of our stuff! sucks for me i can't even help him! but that doesn't mean that i wont get tired anymore cuz sitting on the truck travelling the whole day nails my butt on the seat and that hurts too! haha! i just wish we could get this over as soon as possible. i just wanna be settled in one place, i hate moving cuz of all the hard work! thats why i told my hubby that we have to make sure we really like and be comfortable with the place were moving at.

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