Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Dentist Day

It's been quite a busy day for me and my hubby today cuz it's his day off again and also my appointment for my dental. so this morning hubby drop me off at the clinic, he didn't want to stay cuz its gonna take me a long time to be done and he just couldn't just sit in the lobby and wait. so he went to the fish store to buy a bucket of salt for the our aquarium's water, we have some saltwater fishes which i call "the brats" while i was in the dental clinic. i remember when i was in PI i never had a deep cleaning ( cleaning underneath the gum) the dentist didn't even dare to tell me that i needed one like this cuz there were calculus build up in between my teeth already though i don't have a plaque. they just like brushing my teeth for me and i pay them a f***king 450 pesos for that stupid way of cleaning. and to think that they (dentist) do the cleaning themself, no assistant or hygienest to do it for them. can't they see the build up in between my teeth? the calculus was already black ( she showed it to me, it looks like a tiny hard shell that has been stuck in my teeth) the hygienest told me its been there for years! to think that every six months i go to the clinic to have my teeth cleaned. they don't even offer you that you need some bleaching etc.. etc.. thank God i'm here atleast all the expenses for the cleaning my teeth worth it! and tomorrow i'll be going back again for the deep cleaning on the left side of my mouth. i'll be numb for 4 hours again and can't eat again! even hard to talk! but it's okey cuz as i said its worth it all!

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