Sunday, June 1, 2008

Tagged Updated: I Love My Technorati

Here's The Golden Rule:

1.Copy and Paste the entire page comeback to me and asked me your number
2.Its not necessary to erase once you've done the post already.Just add them in your post.Leave one space at a time.
3.Add title "Tagged Updated" Benefits that will get by playing this game is
4.Your Technorati will gain more Authorities and gain more links,inlinks,backinks too.
5.I will read and survey every links posted and joined this game.Because i know some links is not a good one Remember i am the moderator,i want all the links is good and not a bad one. Promoting bad exposure this is not the game for you.Thanks and God bless.

1. Filipinolifeabroad 2. Random Thoughts 3. Proudly Filipina 4. Everyday Lives 5. Bestfriend Blogs 6. Thoughts and Ramblings 7. In my Kitchen 8. In The Life Of...Mine 9. Everything has a Reason 10. Filipina in Hawaii 11. My Daily Ramblings Rendevous 12. Puzzle of my Heart 13. Mommy's Little Corner 14. My Drift 15. Twerlermz Blog 16. Life's Long Road 17. Dearly-Dear 18. Darlene's Blog Site 19. i-TRAVEL 20. My Life... My Journey! 21. YOUR LINK HERE

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beevee said...

hi gles..sorry for the late response on this tag. will do it later :)