Sunday, June 1, 2008

Just Another Month

Time really pass by so fast, now we're halfway of the year. and i've been here in the states for almost ten months. a lot of things had happened in my life and many of each are big changes not only as an individual but specifically as a wife to my husband. and with those changes i am so happy that i got to do it with my hubby. i can say that there were lots of improvement in me. my faith is stronger and my goals are more focused. my plans are more specific and my decision making is more mature. i see myself really grown up now in many ways but of course sometimes there's still the silliness in me and childish act like which i do around my hubby (to keep our love burning and when i do lambing). i am just so excited with more things to come in our life and this year we have really lots of plans. i hope that before the year ends we could do it all succesfully. and by this time i am also looking forward to get a job and go back to school. i just hope i can do it at the same time. i wanna grab the chance while we don't have a baby yet. and my hubby is so supportive with my plans thats why i am so blessed and happy. and as we go along for the rest of the year we are positively looking forward of the things that life could bring.

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