Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Signed Up for PayPerPost

At first i only wanted this blog as a sort of virtual diary wherein i can write every memorable and significant details of my daily life. But it allchanges when i found out about this blog network called PayPerPost. I dont have any idea what is this all about before until a friend of mine told me about it. She said that you can get paid just by writing about the things you love. I didn't believe her at first until i signed up myself, when PPP approved my blog i took my first shot to take an opportunity and write about it. and this is it! you are reading my very first opportunity that payperpost had given me. and i think i'm gonna love it! just imagine getting paid for every approved post you submit to them, isn't it great? i could buy some stuff that i needed with my earnings from payperpost. payperpost is very kind cuz they really give you the chance to resubmit your post if they rejected your first submission. and i think that is very good! So as a new blogger like me there are really a lot of things that is needed to be learned but with payperpost's easy instructions and guide i know im gonna stick on them as long as i am blogging. this is really a good help especially to a stay home wife like me. its not only that i get to enjoy blogging , i am also getting paid with the things that i love to write about. So if you are also into it, sign up now and join us at payperpost. your blog could earn you some cash too at payperpost.

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Em said...

Good for you and good luck for upcoming opps..