Monday, June 2, 2008

Happy Monday!

Today is a beautiful Monday for me cuz last night i got to talk and see my family back in PI through internet and webcam. i feel really cool cuz i know what's going on with them and of course i miss my niece so much and she was really talkative, she asked me to buy her a new pair of shoes, dress and a cute bag cuz she said she'll be going to school soon. oh! she's only 2 and a half years old and she's really interested and excited to go to school. so i said okey i'll buy her but maybe it's not gonna be there before school year opens. hehe! i love talking to my niece eventhough sometimes i don't understand what she's saying.she's so lovable and cute, she always makes faces while on cam which is is funny! oh kids! i believe most kids are cute and lovable that's why i can't wait to have my own little one. i really miss home! it was there afternoon and they were outside the house while talking to me so i gotta chance to have a look of our yard. mom says it was pretty hot. thank goodness for this high technologies! it's not that hard being away from home anymore cuz anytime i could see them live while talking to them.

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