Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Am A Coffee Addict!

Yes its true! I am really addicted to coffee, i guess it is my everyday energizer! i feel sleepy and grouchy if i didn't had it especially in the morning. i start my day every morning with a cup of coffee. i just feel so alive and ready on the go! BUT i can only have one cup of coffee each day and must only be in the morning cuz if i had more during the day.. expect me to be like an owl that stays alive and awake all night long! I had been to many sleepless nights just because i drink coffee at the wrong time, sometimes i just can't resist! when my hubby and i goes somewhere and stop by at an espresso shop, i just can't say no when he ask me if i wanted something. cold or hot it really makes me stay alive! and during those sleepless nights i spend my time infront of the PC til my eyes gets tired and sleepy.

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