Monday, June 16, 2008

Smorty Got Me Approved

Smorty has a good news for me today, when i open my email this morning i saw an email from smorty, well i thought they decline my blog again cuz the first time that i submit my blog, it was declined due to the reason that my blog is very new and haven't reach the qualification. but today i was wrong cuz they got me approved already. that is so cool! well i just tried to resubmit it again last night of course with the hope that they would approve it. smorty didn't turn me down this time! finally i'll have the chance to grab some opps and get paid in blogging. I'm really loving this! For a new blogger like me, this is really exciting. being a stay at home wife is sometimes boring especially when i'm alone but now that i have given the chance to make money online i think there is no room for boredom anymore! There are lots of blog advertising network over the internet that can really make you some money and smorty is just one of those. And one of the convenience that smorty could give you is that they will send thru email the opportunity that qualifies your blog. So smorty send some for me!

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1 comment:

Pinay Jade said...

Hey there chick,
Congrats on being accepted with smorty! Sure we can x links. I've added you already. Please let me know when you've added me too;)

Cheers from Singapore!