Sunday, June 22, 2008

Summer Time Travel Lightly

Summer has officially started and i guess many people are planning to go on a vacation but as fuel prices soar, more and more airlines are adding restrictions on luggage. so what do you think is the best thing to do when travelling thru airways? well, i suggest that you have to pack your things wisely and as lightly as possible just to avoid extra fees. You may face an extra $25 or more for each luggage that exceeds the airline's weight limit which is often 50 lbs.

Some airlines now are implementing the number of luggage that can be check-in for free of charge. Before the gas prices went up passengers are allowed to check-in more than one bag/luggage free of charge but since gas prices went up rapidly one major airline imposed this year a $25 fee each way for the second luggage checked-in and a $100 for the third bag. would you belive that? that is just so expensive, isn't it? that is a big pain in the ass everytime you travel and need to check in more than one luggage. So as much as possible if you don't wanna pay extra for luggages better pack your bags lightly. A $100 could go way far enough if you think of much important things to spend on.

So before heading on to somewhere else for a vacation be sure to check your airline's luggage weight limits and fee policies. And one more thing to remember, if you plan on buying some souvenirs on your trip, you might want to leave extra space on your luggage.


Juliana RW said...

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lira said...

the increase of gas price is the reason behind all of this. PAL is limiting their free check-in baggage as well.