Thursday, June 26, 2008


Yeah that's me tonight, it's 1:03 in the morning but here i am still wide awake like an owl. so i played with my lay-out again although i am included at dashing smiles contest. I don't know why i cant sleep. maybe because my left arm is still aching from my immunization yesterday?! well i had 2 shots and the other one as was told to me by the provider is going to stung me for a couple of days or three. im having a hard time during my sleep cuz i used to sleep facing sideways on my left and the vaccine was done on my left arm. i feel so uncomfortable sleeping since last night. i can even hardly raise my left arm. i hope its gonna be gone tomorrow, you maybe asking why did i had immunization? it is for immigration purposes, i have to complete my medical before they can approve my GC. TD wasn't available in PI at the time i had my medical, i guess its still not until now so i have to take it here. after that i had to send a form to the to the USCIS service center here in our place signed and sealed in an envelop by the civil surgeon. then thats the time they will approve my GC, and all i gotta do is wait for it. oh well never ending paperworks!

I also noticed today that ppp is not working! everytime i open their site it always lead me to, what's wrong ppp? or is it just me who experienced it?

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Ilocana said...

Ever since I started blogging, I became more sleepless too ha,ha..

USCIS? Been there. Yeah, lots and lots of paper works and MONEY too! But its worth it coz once you get your GC, bye,bye USCIS..Not an alien anymore..But you may need to contact them again whenever you apply for American citizenship..