Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday Highlight #2

It's weekend again and yeah folks most of us i believe got a lot of household chores to do. i am a stay at home wife for the moment so i can do my household chores anyday i wanted to, but i also have schedules on certain stuff like changing the sheets of the bed, i usually do that every other saturday. and my laundry i also do it every weekend either on a saturday or sunday. So while im typing this post entry i am waiting for the dryer to get done with the clothes. and it's also been a while since i work on my crosstitch so i thought of working on it today. maybe! haha! and i also wanted to do my pedicure. uhg! i guess i have a lot of stuff to do today! i got loaded, know why? cuz once i sit infront of the PC my butt just get nailed on the chair. my time is spent all day here just hopping and browsing and trying to find new stuff that i could benefit from it. because i am a person who just love to learn. Since my hubby works today, yep! its not his day-off, though he wants to but they have schedule so his is during weekdays. he only get a weekend off once in a blue moon. Anyway, i am thinking which one should i start to do first after my laundry is done. crosstitch or my nails? oh! i guess i won't be done with everything today. i remember i also have lessons to do online. I guess i'll just do it one step at a time. Gettin' lazy eh?!

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