Saturday, June 14, 2008

Saturday Highlight

It's weekend, the weather is just so warm and sunny so why not spend the day for some walk in the park or better yet at the biking and walking trail? well that's exactly what we did today since its seldom that my hubby get a day off on a weekend. we have a lot of trails here in our place and we've been to a few of those and so today we went to Mirabeau park and biking trail. Hubby wants to do biking but he just can't because he dont want to leave me walking cuz honestly i don't know how to ride a bike. toink! dork! haha! yeah i didn't had the chance to learn when i was young cuz my tatay won't let me ride a bike. he said its very boyish! he scold me everytime he sees me on a bike. so now that im all grown up that is one of the things that i want to learn, hubby would teach me so we can do biking together someday. i will not practise on the pavement though but on the grasses so if i fall i won't get bruises. He just wanted to go out biking with me, but told him walking is still the best exercise. true right? anyway heres some pic that he took along the way... ME!

Mini-Falls at the Mirabeau Park

Spokane River

Nice and Sunny day, I was just extra in here.

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