Monday, June 9, 2008


I just dont feel like doing blog today but i still manage to do blog hopping on some of the links added to mine and even to those who are not but cared to pay me visit. thank you so much for the time! i just got stuck thinking of my upcoming interview at the dept. of homeland security on wednesday, good thing i got good friends who advised me not to worry. well im not really worried though its just that there is this form i've seen at the USCIS website about submitting a certain form in completion of the medical exam and vaccination in a sealed envelope and signed by a designated doctor of the USCIS which is i think i have already submitted upon my arrival at the immigration in the airport. isn't that included in the sealed yellow envelope? i guess so! haayy... makes me think crazy! i don't wanna think about that anymore, all i want to think is that everythings gonna be alright. tips anyone??

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alf said...

don't worry too much girl. clear your mind and just pray. good luck.