Friday, April 18, 2008

the start of everything

in makati, his second visit
in laguna, his first time in PI

i met my hubby at a dating site called middle of May, 2006. the dating site was introduced to me by my bestfriend. without a second thought i joined and became a member for free or as a standard member. if you wanna update your membership you have to pay but since i was jobless for a year already since i got back home from taiwan i only membered for free. but that was fine besides a lot of the members their can still see my whole profile. i was there for a couple of weeks already when i saw this man online. i click on his profile and read it, oh well he is divorced but he doesnt have kids. he is 38 years old, a catholic and he doesnt smoke but drink occassionally. okey, wow! i like his profile but was it really true? so i tried to say "hi!" and later on he replied. oh cool! we introduced ourself to each other and later on exchange ym id's. so started to chat on ym, and we also got to see each other right away on cam. but it wasnt a love at first sight. at first i admit that i was scared of him. he looked so serious and his eyes were deep. and really serious! hell! i dont think this is the guy for me. but then i still talk to him and maybe it was really destiny who did it cuz everytime i go online he is also online. we never talk about the time to be online, it just happened! so we continously chatted, exchanged numbers, and start emailing each other. he then often texts me and when he got his international calling, he started calling me as often as he could. and it was on the phone when i told him that i was already inlove with him. he was so happy and excited! we also write post letters to each other. he is really sweet and full of surprises. he sends me fresh roses thru LBC on every occassion. some packages thru fedex once in a while. after four months of being away from each other, he decided to visit the philippines for the first time. it was september 13, 2006 i picked him up at the NAIA. i was so nervous, trembling and so anxious! my emotions was indescribable. i dont know what to do first when he comes out from the airport. since its his first time to visit the philippines, my aunt and i talked to the security at the airport that they would let me come up to the arrival area. we paid them some amount for them to allow me. i waited for about half an hour before he came out, and the very first time i saw him as he was walking by towards me... hell! i felt like the world stops revolving! i was stunned and speechless! and when he hugged me we felt each other trembling and our hearts were beating so fast. then we kissed! and hug again so tight that he squeezed me already. imagine his a big and tall guy and i am like 5 feet. ohhhh..... my god! we were so happy to each other finally and spend some days in each others arms. he stayed at my aunt's house in laguna cuz i was also staying there. spend some time going to mall, tagaytay, pagsanjan falls, spent my birthday in boracay with him. it was really fun! sweet and romantic! it was the happiest birthday ever i've had! he met my family, my parents, cousins and some friends! they find him cute and really a good guy. my dad asked him about his plans for us (right away?) lol! and he promised my dad that he would wanna come back again to see me. and he wants to have a future with me. so with all that said, everything was okey. my aunt loves him so much that she throw a party for him before he went back home to the states. and then its his time to go back home, it was hard! painful! sad! im pretty sure were gonna miss each other. and thats right, everyday we texts each other. he got a roaming phone from PI, so it wasnt expensive for me to text him the entire day! he also introduced me to his parents by phone, and they were nice to me. they would also send me package and letters. i never really had a hard time getting at ease to his parents because i felt they accepted me to the family and welcome me as their daughter. and december of 2006 he filed the petition for a fiance visa. while waiting for that he then came back to the philippines to spend more time with me. it was march, 2007 he came back. he fufilled his promise to my dad. hmmm... he has a word of honor! he never fail what he promised. that was the character that i really like in him. he does what he says. at that time we stayed in makati city. we spent roaming around the nearby mall which is greenbelt, glorietta, SM, landmark and we even went to rockwell. did bowling and a few shopping. and then one day we went to la mesa eco park. it was a nice and quiet park. it rained later that day so we decided to go back to the hotel, the cab was just waiting for us. we hired it cuz the park was too far from the road. so while we were walking back he stopped me. he was actually joking, like dragging his foot to walk, so i was just laughing and didnt mind him. and i saw this gumamela flower and walked close to it. and when i turned to him he was kneeling infront of me with a small box on his hand. what's my reaction? oh well.. of course i was stunned and speechless again! haha! and then he said.. " will you marry me and be my wife?" ohhhh..... sweet! of course i said yes with teary eyes! haha! the ring was cute, its white gold. he made me chose it but i didnt expect that he had the ring with him. i was the happiest woman on earth during that day. i felt like i was floating in cloud nine. haha! he proved to me how much he loved me and he really deserves me. and came to the day that we need to part again. much harder than the first time. really sucks! i knew it was also harder for him. he said he cried like a baby when he was in japan for a lay over. and hearing him say that breaks my heart. i cried most of the nights being away from him. we just wanted to pull the days and if we could only fly to be with each other again. when he got back home he received a letter form the USCIS saying the petition was aproved and that im gonna received a packet from the embassy in manila. so early april i got it, scheduled for the medical and interview the month of june. and late july i got my visa on hand. last week of august i flew here in the states to be with the man i truly loved and cared! and here were going to start a life together. the start of everything!

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