Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Recent Trip to Seattle

i was gone for only few days but it seems that i miss blogging that bad. i admit i already got hooked and i just can't help thinking about writing another new topic here on my blog. well, my husband and i drove to seattle last monday but before reaching our main destination we drop by first at leavenworth. i dont have any idea what's really in there and my hubby wants to show me what the place look like. we left at about 5:30 early in the morning last monday, the road was pretty bad. it was sleeky but when we got to wenatchee it was already good but then the weather keeps changing. it snowed and then it rained then the sun's gonna come out again! crazy weird! along the road there were beautiful sceneries, we pass by an apple and cherry fields. it was pretty amazing! but we made it to leavenworth after three hours. it was chilly so we both get a coffee at seattle's best coffee shop to warm up our body cuz most of the stores were not yet open so we just walked around and took some pics.

welcome signage

view of the mountain

german inspired building

inside a store ( wood carving shop)

after some roaming around and getting in some of the stores once they opened, and some picture takings we headed back to the road for our next destination which is at black diamond where in a good friend of mine and her husband were waiting for us. it was our first time to meet and see each other personally. we actually got to know each other online thru friendster. and we got along so well like we've already met for a very long time. i feel so at ease talking to her cuz she's also crazy and funny like me. lol! so it took us again long hours on the road before we reached their house. and the road were not good for me cuz i felt sick, i guess i have motion sickness! it was a heck tiring trip! when we got to their home we had a lil chit chat... of course! introduced our husband's to each other, we actually had lunch with them and after that took some pics ( its a must!) haha! here it is:

crazy me and crazy faye!

then again were off the road heading to seattle... our main destination. we even got lost we dont know which way to take. hehe! but we made to seattle before five in the afternoon. ohhh.... i was so exhausted! my back and my shoulder sore! (as if i was the driver, haha!) well yeah my hubby was so tired also. we took a nap for a couple of hours then at seven o' clock we went out again to watch a concert. good thing my grandparents were so good.. they really took care of our food. hehe! after the concert it was almost midnight, we went home. it was a very long day! i didn't even imagine that i could make it. i slept so good that night. i told my husband i might not do that long road trip again. with all my motion sickness... hell not ever again!

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