Sunday, April 27, 2008

Found my long lost friend

it's been thirteen years and yet the friendship never changes, when i heard her voice on the phone i scream with excitement! i was so excited to hear her once again.

i've always been longing to see her in this wild world again, but i dont know where she is! the last time a talked to her it was six years ago, shes here in the states and i was in taiwan. we had frequent communication back then. but since they moved to other state the communication was cut-off. maybe she got busy, lost my phone number! i was waiting til i went back home to the philippines. and then no more!

eventhough we didn't had communication for a long time, i never forget about her. i knew to my heart that we will find each other again. and i was right, and never in my thought that i will find her because of the high-technology that we have in this modern world. when i got here in the states, i told my self she has to know i'm here! but i dont have any contact with her.

it happened one morning when my hubby was in the computer asked me if i knew somebody here that i wanted to find and abruptly i said yes! i looked up to what website is he in and i saw it was i told him her name but we didn't get any infos, good thing i remember her husband's name. my hubby type in the name and voila! there were about five results with the same name with their contact infos and addressess. so i wrote down the contacts in a piece of paper but i was hesitant to call at first because there were "what if's" in my mind. but then my hubby says i have to try. so i did! first call... wrong person! second call.... yelled at me! third call wrong person again but the lady that i talked to was nice. after those calls i gave up! i said i can't still find her and i dont know any other means to find her. in the afternoon i checked my outgoing calls and saw that one number i dialled was not the same one as what was written in the paper. i tried to dial the right one... the phone rings and a familiar voice answered the phone. oh my goodness! i say her name out loud without even asking if it was really her. and told her my name right away. i was so happy and so was she! at long last after ten years of no communication here we are again. we exchanged email adds and addressess, contact numbers and the next morning i got email right away from her with her picture attached to it. she never changed, she still look like the old days. she never aged. she's still the big sister that i met thirteen years ago. shes like a family to me! we are actually partners in crime! lol! we gp to bars together before, i was always her chaperon on her dates. i was like her shadow cuz everywhere she goes i got tagged along. i was only in my teens that time and she was on her early thirties but we developed a brilliant friendship. i learned a lot in life because of her advices, it may be in love or family! half of my being i owe it to her! and before hanging up the phone she never forget to say "i love you and i miss you!" and we promise to see each other so soon.


Anonymous said...

Hi tehre, sure let us exchange links. Just let me know when you finish adding my name and I will link you too. C yah!


reanaclaire said...

hi..greetings from hopping to US... cheers..