Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chicken Caldereta for lunch

As i said before this post i'm gonna cook lunch... my hubby requested me to make a chicken caldereta so that's what we had for lunch. pretty easy for me to cook it with the help of "mama sita's" caldereta mix. so i dont need to have tomato sauce, liver spread ( sometime my tita use peanut butter instead of that) anymore. cuz with mama sita's its like magic! LOL! all i did was cut up the veggies that i need like carrots, red and green bell pepper and defrost the frozen peas. i didn't put potato cuz my hubby doesnt like it. and he wants it a little soupy so i added more water and used 2 packs (or sachet) of mama sita's instead. he like caldereta so much especially if its a beef but since we dont have beef stock on the fridge i just used chicken instead. he doesn't eat pork simply because he don't like it. i made a bunch of chicken caldereta so we would just heat it if we want to eat. that's how we do it here! LOL! heres the pic of my caldereta version:


tanya said...

yummmm looks so yum yum,

Vhiel said...

haven't had any caldereta for a long time...

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