Friday, April 18, 2008

my driving lesson

for the first time in my life im going to learn how to drive. i need to... or else i cant go anywhere i wanted to go! cuz here in america they dont have jeepneys, tricycle, or pedicab that would take you to anywhere you wanna go. there are buses but my husband dont allow me to ride. and he says he couldn't always drive me when i need or have to go somewhere. so its really a nescessity for me to learn. so this is it! during the first day i was scared as hell! i was so nervous. my knees were a little shaky. lol! my hubby told me not to be afraid! but oh yeah! how can i not? i never drive before! i cant help but be really nervous! so here we go... okey, i sit on the driver's sit and my hubby instructed me what to do first. at first i practiced at a vacant parking lot where i first learn the basics. after about 30 minutes of turning on the parking lot we went to a gravel road. there were no cars so it was not scary to drive but it was a narrow two way road. i said hell no to my husband but still he let me drive. my whining didn't work! you need to learn.. c'mon! you can do it! ohhh!!! so i said to myself... okey you can do it! slowly, hubby is just beside me. i'll be okey! the road were a lil zigzag.. goes up and down but hey! i did it! haha! got a little confidence now. and now that i have my practice permit i can drive on the road. slowly but surely! lol! well they all say... its really like this for first timers but when you got a hundred percent confidence you can take it easy. im still practicing until now... and im havin' fun!

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