Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Big Brother 9 finale

My hubby and i loves to watch reality shows. and we are both a big fan of big brother 9. we watch it since the show started few months ago, we never missed any episode. just last week it came down to the last two person in the house. we were so anxious to know who's gonna win the 500 grand.

last night while hubby is working something here on the computer and i was watching tv i remember the big brother show. i jumped out of the couch and asked my husband when is big brother's finale? it is suppose to end this week.

he asked me "what's the day today?" .... it's monday! i said in reply

oh my god! we must have missed it! i said.

i grab the remote and search the channel.... i didn't find it!

i gave the remote to my hubby and he search it on the episodes for the next day, cuz big brother is usually during sunday, tuesday and wednesday nights.

he can't find for the next episode anymore so he went to looked it up online and we found out that the shows finale is already over.

he was pissed off. lol! he blame me for not reminding him about it! he said "how could you forget the show?"

well i know the reason why.... hehehe! it is because i've been addicted blogging already but i didn't tell him that. he doesn't even know that i have my own blog now!

so we just watched the big brother's finale episode online. ugh! thank god! atleast we still didn't miss it. we still know who won 500 grand! and it is baller! ( as they call him inside the house by his co-house guest).

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