Sunday, April 20, 2008

My Dream Place

when i was a kid i dont know anything about other countries like america ( well of course heard about it cuz some relatives were here) but basically never really know what it looks like, or how's the weather here, dont know about the people that live here, but oh yeah! they are tall, white and speaks english. i only get to see some pictures with my relatives in it. the only idea that is in my mind was there are lots and lots of apples in here! haha! but then america was not my dream place..... guess where it is?? do you know the song " london bridge is falling down.. falling down... falling down... london bridge is falling down, my fair lady!" LOL! yeah! you got it right! it is because we always play that game.. and heard a lot about london that it is really a beautiful place, it also become "MY DREAM PLACE" eversince i was a kid. i said to myself that someday i will go to that place and see to myself what the london bridge really look like. i wanna be in that place. i wanna hear its people talk in their accent. haha! love their accent really! until now that urge to be in that place someday hasn't vanish from my system. i still wanna go there... i wanna experience not only being in the bridge but a lot of things that london has! i know its really an amazing place. and when i told my hubby about my dream, i think im not that far of reaching it! we have plans.. and someday somehow that dream of mine as a little kid will come to reality. i just have to wait a little longer... because of course travelling that far needs you to prepare and i mean the expenses. but atleast i have something that im looking forward to! got a friend there too actually so a place to stay is out of the expense already. LOL! see you soon Mace!

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