Sunday, April 27, 2008

Missing my niece

it's past midnigt but i'm still awake. i can't sleep again, i've been like this for the past few weeks. actually when i got colds and cough and im taking some medicines i had good night sleeps because of those medicines. but now that im okey and not taking any medicines anymore my nights goes back to sleepless nights. i dont know why! maybe i'm just missing home, maybe i'm missing my mom, my niece. yes! my niece, i've been thinking about her. i remember when she was just a baby, i took care of her. eventhough a lot of times she doesn't like me haha! cuz she is a lola's girl! but then as she grew up and turned one year our realtionship changes, she liked being with me. she goes with me everytime i go to my friends house. wherever i go actually she was like my shadow. she can't even pronounce "tita" ( aunt)so well cuz she pronounce it like "tuta" (puppy) that is why people who hears what shes saying were curious and laughs when they knew that i who she calls "tuta". she is a smart little one though! she learn things easily. and shes not picky when it comes to food. she loves to imitate kids on a commercial on tv. i really miss her so much! she is our one and only little one in the family that is why she is a lil spoiled with me, my hubby and my sister. now that i'm here i only get to see her on webcam sometime. and she grew up so fast. shes tall for her age of two. my hubby could'nt even believe when he saw her. she does faces and laugh when she sees us on cam too. and now she can speak clearly. sometimes when i think about her i end up crying. and when my hubby asked me why... i'd say i miss my niece! well it's not yet too soon for me to see and kiss her again cuz we don't have plans of going for a vacation in PI soon. so maybe i need to see her on cam more often.

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