Friday, April 18, 2008


a lot of my friends encouraged me to make my own blog, they said its fun and some of them are making money out of it. i really understand how but i guess they really are. i told them im not really into writing, i dont even know if i have to the guts to write cuz in the first place im not a good writer. i hate essays! i never really love writing long stories. i am so lazy when it comes to that! i dont know if i will come up to a topic that would write in my blog. and they say well just make something just a sort of your diary. for sure you'll have something to write. well i guess they are right. with all the things that are happening in my daily life i guess i really would come up to a topic, and not only that i think there were lots of things happened in my life now that i want to always remember as i grow old. wether it may be a good one or not still i wanted to keep it... cuz i believe that with all the things and experiences ive had ive grown into a real responsible woman who can stand alone in the midst of darkness and strong when storm tries to hit me. you will expect more of me as i keep on updating this blog i created, from now on i would love to write the story of my life. thanks to my friends who introduced me to blogging world! i'll see to it that i would have time to sit down and start writing my life's story.

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