Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New nail polish while talking on phone

My phone rang at 10:55 this morning while i was watching tv my with cup of coffee. It was my friend in Georgia. she just got here almost a month now, and like me she came her as a fiance visa holder.

hi sis! did i wake you up? she said... no, i got up 30 minutes ago! my reply.

finally her fiance got her a phone. she called me to let me know so we can talk anytime. hers is different from my phone network but she said she can call me for free anytime anyday.

oh that is cool! while my line only have free call starting 9 pm everyday and anytime during the weekend. i told her. so we talk long hours... exhanging the happenings in our life, they've planned the date of their wedding and of course we are invited..

i'm actually her maid of honor so i must be there on her wedding day. she got me a dress from PI so i dont need to worry what to wear. it would be exciting, it's been a long long time since i a bridesmaid.. never experience to be maid of honor yet! LOL!its gonna be my first time and its here in the states on my bestfriend's wedding. sounds like the movie huh!

anyway we talk on the phone for almost 2 hours i guess... and while talking to her i was in the bathroom cleaning my toenails, i don't have any plan of cleaning it but since my hubby says i talk loud on the phone ( oh well! pinoy eh!) hehe! so i went to bathroom. so instead of just sitting there i grab my earphone and connect it to my phone so my hands would be free do anything while im on the phone.

i opened my drawer and get my tools for cleaning my nails. i removed the old polish which is black and clean it. after cleaning the nails i apply a new polish which is the "french tip" as they call it. its cool cuz i did two things at the same time.

just about time when we bid goodbye to each other because we both have somethings to do. she will do some cleaning in their house and i will cook lunch. so gotta go folks!

heres my nail polish for today!

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