Sunday, April 20, 2008


the wedding ( unfinish)

naked (series)

love bear

crosstitching is one of my favorite hobby. actually i just learned how to do it 2 years ago, an aquintance taught me cuz before i never really had done it. some people say its for old people but the truth is, it's not! once you figure out how to start you will get hooked on it. just by looking at it you will think its hard cuz you will do counting, measuring and attention. one more thing you have to have a good eyesight.. cuz if you dont you'll always lose your way. lol! okey.. i have done some pieces already and i can't wait to get them framed. actually, while i was waiting for my visa process this was my past time in PI. as in everyday i am crosstitching! i did really have fun! especially when you see slowly the outcome forming into a beautiful piece. its gonna make you more eager to finish it. last christmas i framed one and gave it to my mom-in-law as a gift, it was a ballerina. she loved it and it is now being displayed in their living room. so it's also a good gift cuz not only that it's personalized, the person that you've given it to know that you did a lot of effort to it. and as of today im still working on my latest piece, it's kinda big so it may take me a year or so to finish cuz i actually don't do it everyday now.. haha! laziness!!!

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