Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Called my family!

Last night i made a call to my family back in the philippines, and i was happy to hear my niece's voice. i've been missing her a lot lately. when i told my mom i wanted to talk to her, she immediately grabbed the phone from mom and blurted out loud to my ear.....

hi tita! how are you? i love you! i miss you!

shes only 2 years and 6 months old but can talk fluent already. she is so talkative now! she has a sharp memory cuz even though she didn't see me for a long time she still remember me.

that is why i am so happy today cuz i got to talk to all of them except my brother who's in Laguna. he works in a factory there.

i was supposed to talk to them for 20 minutes ( i set a timer so i know when its gonna be over) but the alarm went off already and still was talking to them. i just miss them a lot!

we talk about whats going on with them right now. and told them about the recent happenings with my life here too...

tell them about my driving lesson, dad gave me tips and told me to relax, focus my mind and don't be nervous when i am behind the wheels. he is a great driver! it's his job all his life! he can drive anything!

anyway i really enjoyed talking to them cuz i ususally dont call them on phone cuz i worry it's expensive. we usually talk online... see them on webcam.... and talk over the headphone!

while i was enjoying talking to them i heard silence from the other line.....when i look at my phone they're gone.

i realized maybe their phone got lowbattery. haha! so i just texted them and told them that i'll just call them again next time. no definite date! i dont know either when it's gonna be again.

after calling them i also called my sister, shes in bulacan with her friend. they are both applying for a job back in taiwan...

she was glad that i called her and even talked to my hubby. they get along so well!

after about almost 40 minutes of chit-chatting i bid goodbye cuz the call is taking so long and i know it's gonna be expensive.

but so happy.... i slept really good last night after talking to my family. my homesickness was relieved.

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